Xiamen Sanwu Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (stock referred to as “Sanwu Interconnect”, stock code “300051”), established in 2004, is a well-known Internet application service listed on the GEM, and the first GEM in Fujian Province. Listed companies have won the honors of “Key Software Enterprises in National Planning and Layout” and “The Most Competitive Listed Companies in China's Growth Enterprise Market” for many years.

Based on the SaaS service model, Sanwu Interconnect has established technology R&D centers in Beijing, Tianjin, Xiamen and other places. It has accumulated more than 10 years of experience in Internet product development and service, and has developed and launched enterprise mailbox, office automation system (OA) and 35-party management system. , smart restaurants, postal services, domain name registration, hosting, website construction and other products, to provide enterprise Internet solutions, enterprise communication solutions, mobile cloud office solutions and business management solutions for the majority of corporate customers, and achieve Embedded architecture, one account login, multi-application multi-function, to meet the needs of different stages of enterprise customer information, and comprehensively promote the enterprise information process.

Sanwu Interconnect adheres to the service concept of “success from sharing, cooperation to achieve the future”, helping enterprises to develop Internet marketing roads, meeting the needs of enterprise users for efficient management and convenient communication, leading the development of enterprise cloud office product service industry, allowing enterprises The office realizes a new mode of synchronization across the desktop Internet, mobile Internet, and multi-platform. In the future, the three-five interconnection will continue to work hand in hand with the vast number of corporate customers, mutual benefit and win-win!